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Self Discovery 

Before you start researching careers or jobs, it's a good idea to consider what makes you tick. Discover your strengths, preferences, and passions, and see how you can get paid to work at what you enjoy. 

As you research the right career for you, take a moment to think about what your strengths and talents are, and what inspires and excites you. Do you prefer working with things, or with people? Do you prefer working indoors or outdoors? Where do your interests intersect with your work-specific skills?

What is the best work environment for you? Is your top priority a career that is stable, exciting, rewarding, or creative – or maybe a combination of those qualities? There are jobs that fit each of those priorities, and you can discover one that’s right for you.

Try creating a “wish list” of everything you want from a job and your lifestyle. Maybe you’ll discover some job possibilities that include several things on your list.

Considering these possibilities and answering these questions will help you discover who you really are and tailor your search to careers and jobs best suited for your personality.
Self Discovery Resources

Several resources can help you discover your occupational interests, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics. These resources use different techniques but all achieve the same goal: helping you find the right job or career.

Color Career Indicator 4.0

Color Career Indicator 4.0 is the world's first non-language test to define occupational interests. Featured on the MSN home page twice and the AOL home page four times, it’s the web’s most popular test, with a 93% high approval rating from online users. The Color Career Indicator 4.0 scientifically predicts career satisfaction!  And we are providing it for you here free of charge.

Instead of asking questions, the test uses color preference to determine your most successful career paths. The assessment is estimated to take less than three minutes of your time to complete. Three minutes!  To begin, select the one color that you like most and the one that you like least in each of the four color categories:

  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Achromatic Colors
  • Intermediate Colors

Afterwards you will rank all of the colors by selecting the one you like the most, until you have no more colors to choose from.  It’s that simple. Once you finish choosing colors, you will be given a list of the 50 most enjoyable jobs matching your interests and lots of other great information.

Click the image below to start discovering your best job matches.

For more information on how to best use the results of your assessment, click here.

Holland Personality Types

Discover who you are, and what your skills and abilities are, and then find a career that works for you using the Holland Personality Types. Career development theorist, John Holland, Ph.D., developed a theory of career choice based on 6 themes of people and work environments, within which all jobs can be classified:

  • Realistic
  • Investigative
  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Conventional

Career satisfaction depends on the compatibility between your personality and your work environment. Examine the 6 themes to find out where you fit in: click here.